About Bullet Proof Code

What's bullet proof code?    It's robust, bug free, and it scales.  It's easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to maintain.  It's what I try to write. This blog is going to help us all to write bullet proof code and learn all kinds of fun software development stuff!  

About Me

I'm Daniel DeLucie.  I develop software professionally and for fun.  I primarily use ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL, MySQL, Mongo, and whatever else does the job.  

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Projects Over the Years

Microservices Re-Architecture

I'm back in the world of online marketing. I'm with a top search marketing firm called Centerfield Media. We are a successful young company whose product is maturing. Hence we are making the move to microservices. I'm helping lead the charge on this exciting undertaking!

WPF Desktop App for Business Workflow

I spent this time in the data intensive financial world. I was the Lead Developer on highly visible and successful desktop application to manage alternative investments. I did some practical things like centralizing business logic by refactoring all database business logic to the application side and implementing Entity Framework. And I improved testability and UI performance by refactoring business and presentation layers. I also created regression testing procedures and trained QA team so now the application is being tested…super!  My team expanded to include overseas developers and we've been adding significant new featerures and improvements using agile methodologies.

REST API/ Integration Test Suite/ Product Integration

At Polycom, I was tasked with building a REST API around Polycom's existing Media Manager product.  The API exposed business resources, handled media uploads, and exposed IIS Smooth Streaming and Windows Media Services publishing points. It was built on top of an ASP.NET MVC 3 website.  I implemented a token based method to access resources; tokens were acquired via basic authentication.   To map business objects to and from DTOs I used ValueInjecter.  I created an integration testing infrastructure using TFS.  This ended up being quite valuable as it served as an integration test suite for previously untested data and business layers as well as the API.  I worked with another developer to integrate the Media Manager with a Polycom video capture product, streamlining the setup process and eliminating many of the setup headaches and bugs.

Optimization Weight Management Service

I built this moderately nifty service to manage optimization data for Epic Media Group's domain parking portfolio (I know, ewww).  The service periodically received the domain optimization weights from an in house service and updated the back end MSSQL DB and front end cache.  I used WCF with MSMQ endpoints and an nHibernate data layer.  It also handled new domains  that would come into the system from various internal sources so WCF made sense.  Losing domains or optimization data was a big nono so MSMQ was the way to go.  

Autoresponder Email System

This delightful system took in newly registered users and scheduled them for a configurable number of autoresponder emails.  A multithreaded Windows Service pulled email records from the MSSQL DB at the appropriate time and built the email, selecting creatives based on user history, then sent it using a Strongmail appliance.  The system sent about 300,000 messages per hour.

Click Tracking System

I architected and built this rockin' system to track clicks and opens for Vendare Media's marketing emails (who said spam?) It tracked about 2 million actions daily but it could handle 20 million. The clicks were written to flat files and then bulk imported into an MS SQL database. If the database went down no data was lost, the files just piled up on disk until the DB came back.