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  • Content Definition Menu Item Missing in Orchard 1.8

    Tags: Orchard

    I recently started using Orchard CMS, on this very here blog in fact.  I was confused that my admin panel wasn't looking like the ones I was seeing depicted in the Orchard documentation.   … more

  • Builder Design Pattern, Still Useful?

    Tags: Design Patterns

    The builder design pattern is often employed to make object creation more readable and understandable when your class has a big old constructor with a long parameter list.   Rather than call … more

  • A Simple Threadsafe Singleton

    Tags: Design Patterns

    The most famous design pattern and most reviled is the singleton.  Its what you can use if you want only one instance of a class.  Its disliked because it violates separation of concerns … more

  • Combining Tasks Using WhenAll

    Tags: TPL, ASP.NET, C#

    If you want to combine one or more Tasks into one Task and wait for all of them to complete you can use a ASP.NET 4.5 feature called WhenAll.  WhenAll takes a collection of tasks and returns one … more

  • What Are the ABCs of WCF?

    Tags: WCF, Interview Questions, ASP.NET

    I was asked this question at a job interview recently.  ABCs?  Huh?  I was slightly confused.  Well... I said there's the endpoints and bindings.  And of course the … more