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  • Story Points for Agile Devlopement

    Tags: Agile Development

    Let's get ready to SCRUMBLE!!!!

    I am a believer in agile methodologies.  I love scrumming.  I love epics, stories, tasks!   But I was fumbling around with story points and my … more

  • Don't Kill Your Colleagues By Overusing Var

    Tags: C#

    With C# 3.0 came the keyword var.  It was a great forward leap for the language.  Unfortunately it’s become the lazy coder’s way of declaring a variable. It’s type … more

  • Javascript Fundamentals: Arrays

    Tags: javascript

    I'm big on fundamentals.  I like to review fundamentals over and over because well, they're fundamental.  Not only that... you discover things you may have missed the first or second or 12 … more

  • Gripped by Javascript

    Tags: javascript

    Praising javascript in iambic tetrameter 


    Gripped by Javascript 


    I've been gripped by javascript 

    Its promises are always kept 

    Functions, objects, strings and … more