How to Move a ClickOnce App to a New Location

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I was sitting pretty at my current employer, with my ClickOnce WPF application just humming along when lo and behold, we changed infrastructure and I had to move the app.  This app was already deployed all throughout the company.  What to do?

Illustration of the problem -- Move it!!


Lets assume you've got version deployed.

The solution in a few words

What we're going to do is basically deploy a new version that installs a newer version from the new location - so the old users are magically pointing to the new location..

First thing

Deploy a new version to the new location.  Increment the version number by 2.  

Location: new-server


Specify a minimum build so users have to upgrade.


The new version is ready for use by NEW users. Just install it from the new location.  But what about the old users?

Next.  Existing users.

Deploy a new version to the old location.  Increment the version number by 1 from your current version.  

Location: old-server


Specify a minimum build so people have to upgrade.  And specify an update location that points to the new server.


Now existing users will be forced to update their existing installations to V1.4, which will cause V1.5 of the code will be downloaded from the new location.


More info here

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