Story Points for Agile Devlopement

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Let's get ready to SCRUMBLE!!!!

I am a believer in agile methodologies.  I love scrumming.  I love epics, stories, tasks!   But I was fumbling around with story points and my team was fumbling with me.  So... to get a hold on things, I came up with this helpful chart on story points.  I know story points are supposed to be time agnostic, but putting the duration for comparison purposes helped us gain a tighter grip on the whole concept. 

Story points are most often set up on a Fibonacci sequence (or close to it) and that’s how I have it in the chart. 

Story Points Chart





Quick task

1 - 30 minutes


Minor task, small code change, quick testing

1 - 2 hours


Easily understandable task, no real unknowns, not complex.

½ day to a day


Mostly understandable task, known code change, minor complexity.

2 - 3 days


Major task, requires some research, some unknowns, involved testing.

3 – 5 days


Complicated task, unknowns, research required, POC, major testing, integration tests, might need to be broken down further

5 - 10 days


Too big a task, should be broken down further


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